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When traveling in out of the way places, you may not have a AAA Tour Book, Woodall’s or similar guide to help you decide where to camp.  But you are not completely on your own either.  For some countries, you will find published books to help you.  Also, you will find that there are many other travelers who have gone before you and some of them have taken the time to provide helpful, insightful guides of where they have gone and what they have found when they arrived.  The greater your internet and language skills, the more resources you will find to help you along the way.

Here are some links that will connect you with travelers we have come across whose sites may be helpful to you.  

  •  Gary & Monika Wescott have been doing overland travel longer than anyone we know.  They have written many journal and magazine articles and their list of travels is extensive, including driving across Siberia in winter in 1996 and  the Silk Route in 2013/14.  They currently travel in Turtle V, one of the most interesting self-built overland vehicles we know of.  We first met them at Overland Expo in 2015.    

  •  Don & Kim Greene traveled to many countries in their Mitsubishi Fuso based rig and have written a book on travel in the Americas; we first met them in Guatemala.  They are the founders of the popular Harvest Hosts program providing information on winery and farm stay overnight stops for motorhomers in the US. 

  •  Margaret & Barry Williamson have been traveling by motorhome throughout Europe for the past 20 years.  Their website is an absolute fountain of information

  •  Sheila and Paul travel in a VW camper in a very interesting way.  Each trip they select a country to focus on and then spend a lengthy time exploring and studying that country; their reports are in depth and educational
  •  Adam and Sophie are a young British couple who produce an extremely informative blog on their travels around Europe and also provide information about modern communications for the traveler.

  •  Yasha & Juergen spent 3 years touring the Americas in a Ford pickup with camper; they currently have returned to South America in a self-built travel vehicle based on a Mercedes truck.  We first met them in Ecuador.

  •  David & Amanda Wood are Brits by birth but have lived and worked in many places around the world.  Since 2005 they’ve called Australia home and they’ve done a lot of travel in the Outback while there.  In 2014 they embarked on an extended overland journey around the world.

  •  Casper has traveled much of the world in a MAN truck based custom unit; we met him in South America.  After touring Africa, he has settled in Mali where he has opened a camp site for overland travelers.

  •  Frank Goodrick & Taylor Meredith travel in a Winnebago Rialta; for five years they spent part of each year in Europe.  As of Summer 2014 they have shipped their Rialta back to the US with plans to return to Europe later.

  •  Mark & Vicki Sherouse completed four years of touring Europe in a Sprinter based Road Trek van and now spend part of each year in Europe traveling in a European vehicle.

  •  Rob & Nina Blackwell are Aussies currently living in the US.  They toured South America in a Tiger and most recently have crossed Russia, Central Asia and Iran in a new Unimog based vehicle. Over the years we have crossed paths with them in the US, Iceland and England.

  •  Tom & Judy Salmon toured Europe in a Winnebago View from 2007 to 2010.

  •  We met Helge & Brigitte Mast in 2008 in Panama when we were all on our way to South America.  They toured Scandinavia in 2010 and 2012, Iceland in 2013 and followed the Danube to the Black Sea in 2014.  Their current plans call for an extended tour of Africa beginning in 2018.

  •  Jacques & Elisabeth were primary inspirations for our own travels when we met them in Mexico in 2007.  They spent six and a half years touring around the world in a small Toyota Land Cruiser based French built 4x4 motorhome.

  •  John & Harriet Halkyard wrote a wonderful book on traveling Central America and have visited many other places as well.

  •  Daniel & Valerie Avard have traveled extensively around the world with their motorhome, Jules, and their scooter, Jim.  We first met them in Peru; they have since been to Australia and are currently in North America.

  •  The new site for Stephen Stewart, one of the founders of the Silk Route organization and someone who has visited over 100 countries, mostly by motorhome.

  •  The folks from the Silk Route club in England have literally written the book on overland travel over much of the globe.

  •  Doug & Stephanie Hackney have traveled extensively in a variety of ways; we first met them in Peru.

“Travelers speak a language known only to themselves”

~ Charles Stamps

“Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness.”

~ Ray Bradbury

“The traveller is active; he goes strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience.  The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him.  He goes "sight-seeing".

~ Daniel Boorstein

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