2017 - Looking Forward to New Adventures

Among other things keeping us busy lately has been being interviewed by our local newspaper here in San Luis Obispo (CA), The Tribune.  The wonderful photo above, showing us in front of the iconic Morro Rock here on the central California coast, was taken by photographer Joe Johnston.  It recently appeared in the paper along with a terrific article by AnnMarie Cornejo.  Both AnnMarie and Joe are regular contributors to The Tribune.  You can read the article by following this link to the Trib’s website where you will also be able to see some more photos by Joe along with some of our own pictures from our travels.

We begin the new year filled with anticipation for our planned return to overseas travel later this Spring.  After much discussion and research we have decided that what we really want to do is to ship our Tiger to Australia where we will hope to spend a full year exploring.  We've already applied for and received our twelve month long-stay visitor visas so we are indeed committed to go.  Currently we are working on shipping arrangements and both carnet de passage and insurance for our stay and are also looking into ways to fit in a trip to New Zealand as well.  

In 2016 we completed a comprehensive program of maintenance and refurbishment of La Tortuga's living quarters and running gear.  At over 180,000 miles (290,000 km), our Chevy Tiger has continued to serve us extremely well, but as we look ahead to another five years or so of hoped for overseas travel, we felt some preparation was called for.  You can read about the refurbishment of the living quarters of our Tiger by going to 2016 Tiger Refit 1, and a full report on the mechanical work can be found in 2016 Tiger Refit 2.

In 2015 we completed six years of travel in Europe.  You can read about our last two months by going to The Fat Lady Sings, while earlier in the year we had a terrific time in Iceland and have posted two messages from our time there.  Icelandic Sagas, and Land of the Sideways Sun.  To access any of our stories from the road, just go to the top of any page of this site and use the drop down menus.  For Europe you can also go to our alphabetized Country Index under the Europe heading.

If you are primarily interested in pictures, you can go straight to our Photo Home Page at Smug Mug.  Here you will find our best photos from our six years in Europe, plus our photos from South America, Central America and North America.  Over the years, we’ve posted thousands of pictures on the photo pages tied to each of our messages, and you can also use our Photo Albums Menu to access any of them directly.

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In 2010, our Tiger arrived in Belgium on April 1 and we began our European tour with a month in that beautiful country.  Each year from then through 2015 we spent around eight months in Europe.  For an informational wrap-up on the ins and outs of traveling in Europe in a motorhome, go to our Europe by Motorhome page and read all about budgetary and other considerations involved in our journeys.  We now have six full seasons of expense information for you to peruse.  Despite varying fuel costs and exchange rates we continued to be able to travel throughout Europe within the budget we set six years ago.  

In June of ’09 we completed our first trip to Central and South America in fine style.  We had a wonderful experience and will enjoy reliving the memories of places seen, people met and lessons learned for a long, long time.  We feel very fortunate to have been able to accomplish most of the goals we set for ourselves on that journey.  From Colombia in the north to Patagonia in the south, South America opened itself up for us in a wonderful way, and the countries of Central America were amazing in their color and diversity.  

We truly enjoyed our time in Latin America.  If you are new to this web site, go to our South America page in order to link to the stories and photo pages from the year we spent there; or go to Central America with us and enjoy our stories and photos from there.  

Our first five years of full timing (2001 to 2006) were spent in North America.  To check on our early stories from those years and our ongoing travels in North America, visit our US & Canada and Mexico pages.  You can also find connecting links to other travelers’ sites you might enjoy on our Links Page.  

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As you have time, we hope you’ll explore the rest of our site, including the Our Vehicle pages, which continue to expand with added technical information as it comes to mind.  Our Information section also continues to grow with recent additions including articles on Safety & Security and on Storing your Vehicle.  

You can access our photos from any narrative page, from the Photo Album Menu, or directly from each of the main regional home pages; Europe, South America, Central America, Mexico, or United States & Canada.  For photos of our vehicle, go either to the Our Vehicle page, or directly to Tiger Photos in the Photo Album Menu.

Finally, for fellow travelers, we’ve posted detailed Camping Logs for Central America, South America and Europe.  You can visit these pages to see where we’ve stayed and to get detailed information on fuel costs, exchange rates, propane availability and other information for each country we’ve visited.

We hope you enjoy our travels, and your own as well! 

DSC_1625 - Version 2

Dayat Aaoua, Morocco

"Today, there are few travelers, but many tourists.  
Foreign travel has ceased to be an activity – an experience, an undertaking – and instead has become a commodity"

~ The New Philosopher

"Travelers, it is late.  Life's sun is going to set.  During these brief days that
 you have strength, be quick and spare no effort of your wings.

~ Mevlana Rumi

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